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FOMA Bohemia Ltd. is a producer of photographic materials with long tradition. It has been founded in March 1995 through the privatization of the National Enterprise FOMA (FOTOCHEMA before 1990). FOMA Bohemia two the filial companies FOMA Slovakia Ltd. in Slovakia and FOMAMURES S.R.L. in Romania. 

for amateur and professional photographers FOMAPAN black-and-white negative films, FOMASPEED black-and-white papers with fixed and variable contrast, FOMABROM black-and-white papers with fixed contrast, FOMATONE black-and-white papers with warm tone;
- for medical use


FOMAPAN 400 135/24
Product No. 1000293

Fomapan 100 135/24exp


Panchromatically sensitized negative film of higher speed and good resolving power, suitable for exposures under unfavourable light conditions. Speed ISO 100.

Fomapan 100 135/24exp
Product No. 1000292

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