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QPcalibration is a freeware application for use with our QPcard 202 and 203 color reference cards. It's compatible with:

OSX - from 10.5 and later
Windows - Vista or later, 32 and 64 bit versions

Raw Converter Compatibility: This application generates profiles for Adobe Photoshop ACR and Adobe Lightroom. Icc profiles usable in linear edit raw converters can also be generated with the relevant plugin. This does not yet include Hasselblad Phocus or Capture One, but the necessary adjustments are currently being reviewed for release.




Together with the free application QPcalibration, QPcard 203 takes picture color control one step further. This is real, practical color management for almost any...

Product No. 1008720

QP Card - Reference Grey Card


It has three patches with perfectly neutral dark gray, mid gray and white colors. The Cie L*a*b values are 35*0*0, 48*0*0 and 95*0*0. The...

QP Card - Reference Grey Card
Product No. 126846

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