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Quick Search Multiblitz PLUSKIT-8 PROFILUX 800 Essential Kit

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product no. 1006437
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Multiblitz PLUSKIT-8 PROFILUX 800 Essential Kit

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Multiblitz  PLUSKIT-8 PROFILUX  800 Essential Kit

Multiblitz Profilux Plus 800 Essential set of 2 with 800 Ws Flash power: 800 Ws

Automatic Multi-Voltage 100 -260 V

Control range: 8 f-stops, 6-800 J/Ws.

Power increments: 1/10

Recycling time to full power: 2,9 sec.

Flash duration: 1/600-1/1600 sec.

Repetition accuracy +/- 0,5%

Battery operation with Propac 1 and Propac 2

Built-in 16 channel radio trigger

Built-in Pre-Flash Eliminator


Stabilized colour temperature

Digital display

Equipped with the P-type bayonet

Set incl. tripods, umbrella reflectors, umbrellas and useful bag

Multiblitz Profilux Plus 800 Essential set of 2 with 800 Ws

2 steps into the future...

The inventors of portable flash light proudly usher in a new era. The new PROFILUX PLUS series offers a whole lot more than other available systems when it comes to functionality, reliability, and design. 60 years of experience in developing the most reliable compact flashes ever, led to a new class of compact flashes that is capable to meet all challenges of modern photography, be it in the studio or outdoors. We united state of the art technology with rugged reliability to create a system that facilitates your creativity and lets you concentrate on the most important matter: Creating great images!

The PROFILUX PLUS compact flashes are available in 200, 400 and 800 Ws performance classes. The 200 and 400 versions offer a 7 f-stop power range, the 800 Ws unit offers a 8 f-stop power range. All units are adjustable at increments of 1/10 f-stops providing all the control that is required for any demanding task. Flash durations as short as 1/3000 sec and quick recycling times as brief as 0,2 sec guarantee a smooth workflow.

The digitally controlled multi-voltage technology operates from 100 to 260 Volts, so wherever in the world you take your PROFILUX PLUS unit it automatically recognizes the voltage supplied from any power outlet. No switching, just ?plug nZ fire?. More importantly, the multi-voltage technology provides protection from voltage spikes and ensures a constant performance from flash to flash, even with mains caused voltage fluctuations.

  • Profilux plus 200 Profilux plus 400 Profilux plus 800
  • Flash power J (Ws) 200 400 800
  • Power supply, Automatic Multi-Voltage (V) 100 - 260
  • F-stop, 1m, ISO 100, Reflector FILNOS 45 64 91,4
  • GuideNo., 1m, ISO 100, Reflector FILNOS 45 68 118,7
  • Power range (Ws) 5 - 200 6 - 400 6 - 800
  • F-stops 7 8
  • Recycling time at max. outout, 230 V (sec.) 0,6 1,6 2,9
  • Recycling time at max. outout, 110 V (sec.) 0,9 2,9 5,5
  • Flash duration t 0,5 (sec.) 1/3000-1/1200 1/1600-1/600
  • Colour temperature (√łK) 5500 +/- 150
  • Battery operation (with Propac 1&Propac 2) yes
  • Built-in 16 channel radio trigger yes
  • IR/Slave cell On-Off yes
  • Modeling light On(propX)-Off
  • modeling light 100% On-Off yes
  • "Test" Button yes
  • Built-in Pre-Flash Eliminator
  • ("Red Eye/TTL,E-TTL) yes
  • Fan cooled yes
  • Auto-dumping yes
  • Colour temperature stabilized no yes
  • Flash tube, UV-absorbing (Code) PLUSROW PLUSREW
  • Modeling light (220-240 V mains operation) (W) 75 150 205
  • Type* (Code, Socket) PROHAL / B 15d LUHAL 2 / B 15d LUHAL 3 / B 15d
  • Modeling light control range (W) 2,3-75 2,3-150 1,6-205
  • Modeling light (100-130 V mains operation, battery operation) (W) 150
  • Type (Code, Socket) PACHAL / B 15d
  • Modeling light control range (W) 4,6-150
  • Synchronisation Sync lead, radio, salve cell, IR, hot-shoe&camera flash
  • Sync voltage (V) < 5
  • Connected Load (kVA) 0,92
  • Flash voltage stability (%) +/- 0,5
  • Radio interference suppression According to CE, DIN IEC 491, VDE 0882
  • Dimensions (mm) 120x282x149 120x325x150
  • Weight (Kg) 1,9 2,1 2,7
  • *220-240 V halogen tubes (75 W, 150 W, 205 W) can be used in all Profi lux Plus units.
  • Tolerances of specifications and components conforming to DIN and IEC standards. Specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • Detail description panel
  • Sophisticated operation and professional features.
  • Digital Display
  • IR/Photo Slave cell
  • Output Setting (radio trigger channel selection)
  • IR/Photo Slave Cell On-Off (activates Pre-Flash Eliminator)
  • Test button (activates radio trigger)
  • Beep/Lamp Ready indicator
  • Modeling Lamp 100% On-Off (modeling Light ?Auto-Off? indication)
  • Modeling Lamp On (prop x)-Off (modeling light ?Auto-Off? indication)
  • Power On-Off
  • Includes
  • 2x Multiblitz PROFILUX plus 800 with synthetic protection cap (without light former)
  • each incl. power cable, sync cable, flash tube and halogen tube
  • 2x Folding light stand (COMSTA-B)
  • 2x umbrella reflector (COMSCH)
  • 2x umbrella 80cm (VARES)
  • 1x carrying case (PROTRA)

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