The success story really began in 1948 when brothers Pierre and Joseph Bron established Bron&Co. in Basel. Since then, the company Bron Elektronik AG is making lighting and flash systems for photographers. broncolor is specialised in a narrow but deep range of products, pursues intensive research, develops superior equipment and is always accessible to customers. High Swiss Quality is a standard. broncolor products are distributed with success in more than 60 countries worldwide.


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    broncolor Gear is used in education all over the world. Here the Medieskolerne, Media College Denmark tells us what their students are using in class and why they stayed with broncolor for 35 years.
  • Dunk the Sun - broncolor Gen NEXT - 125206490832975_1037295036290778
    Dunk the Sun - broncolor Gen NEXT
    Fantastic new blog post by Gen NEXT's most prolific sports photographer Dustin Snipes Photography. In his latest photoshoot for Red Bull, he had NBA Star Anthony Davis dunk the sun. Read how broncolor helped him achieve his vision on the Gen NEXT Blog (lots of pictures).
  • Erik Valind demonstrates the broncolor Siros - Overview - 125206490832975_1036856826334599
    Erik Valind demonstrates the broncolor Siros - Overview
    If you're looking for a Monolight, you might want to watch this two-part demonstration of the broncolor Siros by New York based Photographer Erik Valind Photography.
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    Photographer Barry Makariou Photography did an interesting project for Men's Health Synchronised magazine, where he had to combine the perfect shot of a colored splash with the perfect still life picture of a watch using the Scoro powerpack.