The success story really began in 1948 when brothers Pierre and Joseph Bron established Bron&Co. in Basel. Since then, the company Bron Elektronik AG is making lighting and flash systems for photographers. broncolor is specialised in a narrow but deep range of products, pursues intensive research, develops superior equipment and is always accessible to customers. High Swiss Quality is a standard. broncolor products are distributed with success in more than 60 countries worldwide.


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    Krentz Photography GbR mixed continuous light, clean synchronisation, strobe and rolling-shutter effects. More info in the blogpost.
  • Chuck Bradley Photographer - 125206490832975_1125434567476824
    Chuck Bradley Photographer
    Chuck Bradley produces iconic images and explains in detail how to light the fish
  • Join us in Seattle! Andy Batt Workshop - 125206490832975_1124957960857818
    Join us in Seattle! Andy Batt Workshop
    SEATTLE - MAY 17 2016 broncolor Lighting Workshop with Andy Batt Siros monolights Scoro power packs Pulso lamp heads including Pulso Twin-Lamp iOS BronControl app Variety of softboxes Para 88, 177, and 222 reflectors and more
  • Gen NEXT 2016 - broncolor Gen NEXT - 125206490832975_1124419517578329
    Gen NEXT 2016 - broncolor Gen NEXT
    We are proudly to present you the 3rd Generation of Gen NEXT ambassadors