The success story really began in 1948 when brothers Pierre and Joseph Bron established Bron&Co. in Basel. Since then, the company Bron Elektronik AG is making lighting and flash systems for photographers. broncolor is specialised in a narrow but deep range of products, pursues intensive research, develops superior equipment and is always accessible to customers. High Swiss Quality is a standard. broncolor products are distributed with success in more than 60 countries worldwide.


  • Glimpse Photoworkshop Registration - 125206490832975_1073203782699903
    Glimpse Photoworkshop Registration
    When capturing a dancer there are many different factors, which will influence the image and you need to pay attention too. A good eye for movement is one factor, but as well a feeling for aesthetics and creative thinking will help you to increase your shot in this case. Dance has got powerful movement, shows strength but needs to give you a feeling of lightness at the same time which makes it even harder to capture these different moods of a dancer. Markus Berger will take you through the whole process of how to capture movement of a dancer in a brilliant photography workshop. The workshop takes place in Salzburg on the 24th and 25th of February. Click on the link below for more information.
  • Shoot this Photo  - Broncolor - 125206490832975_1073141249372823
    Shoot this Photo - Broncolor
    A new "How To Shoot This Photo" by our photographer Urs Recher. Used gear and a detailed description you'll find in the article.
  • Wolf - broncolor Gen NEXT - 125206490832975_1072241892796092
    Wolf - broncolor Gen NEXT
    Gen NEXT Ambassador Jason Jia combined continuous light and available light for this wolfish shot.
  • Golden Feathers - broncolor Gen NEXT - 125206490832975_1068771703143111
    Golden Feathers - broncolor Gen NEXT
    A moodboard, behind the scenes and more. Lauri Laukkanen Photography shows us his newest Gen NEXT project. Ps: If you want to become 1 of 5 new Gen NEXT Ambassadors take part at the Gen NEXT 2016 Contest. The competition is open until March 2nd. Link ->