The Photo Warehouse Lighting Guru

The Photo Warehouse Lighting Guru



This is Mike Small. You may know Mike already.

If you are involved in photographics, love high-end camera gear, or have needed help in your studio he may already be your 'go to' guy.


Mikes daytime home is the Photo Warehouse store in Great North Road, but he has travelled thousands of miles back and forth around the country helping professional photographers, schools, universities and corporate clients.


The rumour is that he was born in a dark room, but since 1986 he has been out and about, and believe me when you have been in our industry for that long you gather some knowledge!



Mike is on call at Great North Road and would love to hear from anyone needing a lighting or camera solution that is out of the ordinary, unusual solutions are his 'thing'.


Mikes direct email is


Here are some lighting recommendations from Mike as of today.  

If you are looking for lighting that is good for outdoor commercial photographs, try Broncolor Siros 400L outdoor Kit 



More of a video content creator? Broncolor LED F160 Lamp is the first LED lamp that shapes light precisely Shoot stunning images and illuminate your videos with the same lamp - compatible with the extensive broncolor range of light-shapers.


Mike also mentioned the Aputure Light Storm LS C300d II, popular light that can be simply described as "game changer"





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