Canon Printers Get Bonus Set of Inks

Canon Printers Get Bonus Set of Inks
Receive a bonus set of genuine Canon inks via online redemption when you buy one of these Canon printers:
 imagePROGRAF PRO-300

 Promotion ends 19th June 2022.

Bonus set of genuine inks made up of:

imagePROGRAF PRO-300 inks:

PFI-300MBK, PFI-300PBK, PFI-300C, PFI-300M, PFI-300Y, PFI-300PC,

PFI-300PM, PFI-3 00 R, PFI-300GY, PFI-300C0

PIXMA PRO-200 inks:

CLI-65 Black, CLI-65 Cyan, CLI-65G Grey, CLI-65LG Light Grey, CLI-65

Magenta, CLI-65P Photo Cyan, CLI-65P Photo Magenta, CLI-65 Yellow