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Mamiya Digital Imaging, a company who manufacturer and develop medium-format cameras and Leaf Imaging, a leading manufacturer and developer of digital backs for the medium and large-format photography markets have integrated their companies through a new brand - Mamiya Leaf.

Dov Kalinksi, Leaf General Manager said: "Creating a new Mamiya Leaf brand represents a win-win situation for photographers. Not only will photographers be able to immediately benefit from a highly advanced, fully-integrated medium format system from the industry’s leading suppliers, but they will also be able to enjoy powerful new products emerging from a unified R&D effort."

Mamiya Digital Imaging President Toshio Midorikawa added: "We are aligning our resources to ensure that customers will benefit from the extensive expertise residing in both Tokyo and Tel Aviv. We are confident that the synergy created and the efficiency gained by simplifying our operations will enable us to serve our customers faster and better."

Mamiya Leaf medium format digital systems comprise a broad range of equipment - from 22 to 80 megapixels. Camera bodies are manufactured by Mamiya; digital backs are manufactured by Leaf. Also available are Mamiya focal plane shutter lenses and Schneider Kreuznach-designed leaf shutter lenses. Cameras, lenses and backs will retain their respective Mamiya and Leaf labels and they will still be sold as individual components.