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image2.axd51674 3Full frame medium format sensors built to inspire

Hero Sized SensorImage XF 1600px2The XF Camera System
Modular. Flexible. Future-proof.

TinyVig XF 570x355px TinyVig IQbacks 570x355px TinyVig BRLenses 570x355px
XF Body and viewfinders

The XF Body allows full customization of camera controls, putting a comfortable workflow right at your fingertips. And with a modular viewfinder, your shooting style is covered

IQ Digital Back platform

The IQ Digital Back range is engineered for the future, and with sensors 2.5 times the size of a DSLR, your vision is captured in stunning detail and clarity.

Schneider Kreuznach lenses

The Blue Ring range of leaf shutter lenses was developed with Schneider Kreuznach. There is a versatile range of high resolution focal lengths - which will you fall in love with?

Hero XF Duman 2600x1100pxFuture-proof, so you can rest easy

Feature Updates

Get the newest features without upgrading your entire camera - with regular updates to the XF Camera System's firmware, the camera grows and changes with market demands. It's an investment in the future of your craft.

Hardware upgrades

Today, technology progresses faster than ever. We have ensured that your investment will stand the test of time by providing the option for hardware upgrades to key camera functions as they are developed.

Service and support promise

Phase One takes pride in our service and support. And with industry-leading warranties and global support teams ready to help answer any question or solve any problem, we are confident in our ability to ensure a 5-year uptime guarantee.




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PHASE ONE XT Camera Body Requires Lens and IQ4 Digital Back

Phase One XT Camera with: Dual action programmable shutter release Horizontal&vertical shift of ñ12mm Quick rotation from landscape to portrait orientation without removing from tripod Detachable...

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