27 Years of Designing with a Purpose, and Building with Strength

For a quarter century Photoflex® has produced lighting products that are driven by: Innovation, Quality, Versatility and Durability. We're proud to present our products to the photo, film and video industries worldwide.

We base our products around three simple, but crucial rules.

Quality. Produce the finest, most versatile product at a fair price and back it up with the best warranty possible. We take personal pride in putting the Photoflex® name on a product that you pay money for. That pride is reflected and backed up by giving you a warranty that is at least two to five times longer than almost all other manufacturers in the industry. We will not sacrifice the credibility of our products simply to cut prices.

No Gimmicks. We won't build something that we wouldn't use ourselves. We have two photo/video studios where we test the prototypes and shoot all of our product photos, instruction sheets, and product demonstration lessons for PhotoflexLightingSchoolâ„¢. If the products don't pass the test there, they don't go to market.

Other "manufacturers” shop the trade shows and buy products off the shelf from factories that they then put their labels on. Not Photoflex®. We design and build our products from scratch. We produce our own fabric, build our own molds, and create our own designs into prototypes to be tested in our own studios, sometimes taking over a year to get the finished product.

This is why products such as the LiteDome®, LiteDisc®, and LitePanel have been in production for over 20 years virtually unchanged. They were designed correctly the first time, and all have five or six year warranties because of it.

Customer Service. We don't make the customer pay for our mistakes. We believe that you, the customer, signs our paycheck. Therefore, our goal is to provide the finest customer service in the business. We have always had real people answer the phone to help you with your issues and questions and we will continue to pursue our goal of being there for you in the future.

The top professionals in the world have been using Photoflex® products for 25 years and continue to do so because Photoflex® is driven by these three rules.

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    Photos from Photoflex's post
    Congratulations to this week's Share Your Lighting contest winner: Katy Rogers Art! Katy has won a Photoflex FirstStudio: 39X39 Inch LitePanel Kit!! Katy tells a bit about her shoot: "I created this portrait with a single speedlight in my living room. I used the Photoflex Rapidome Speedlight modifier to my right and had a white foam board reflector above my subject's lap. The background is plain grey velour from my local fabric store on a stand made from PVC tubes. I asked my friend to come by so I could practice portraits, and we used a Halloween costume to create a Renaissance look. My goal was to shoot a flattering portrait with a single speedlight. "
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    Photos from Photoflex's post
    Congratulations to this week's Share Your Lighting winner: James Strength Photography ! James has won a Photoflex Litedisc 41x74" Collapsible Disc Reflector, Soft Gold / White! Don't forget to get your entry in for next week's Share Your Lighting contest!
  • Valentine's Day Food Photography By George Wilson - 86328914231_10155657892219232
    Valentine's Day Food Photography By George Wilson
    We have a brand new Light Lesson just in time for Valentine's Day from Light Leader George Wilson with help from Chef Tony. Learn how to do a beautiful shot of chocolates and espresso perfect for the holiday.
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    We have a sweetheart of a deal on repairs this month! Give your gear to a little love by sending it in to our Service Dept. For a limited time we are offering free U.S. ground return shipping on all repairs! We also now offering repair service on Profoto, Calumet and Bowens brand equipment in addition to PromarkBRANDS items! Give them a call at (630)233-1545 or email and refer to code: Hearts to get this offer.