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    A BIG thank you to Heartfelt for the amazing work that they do. Please follow and support them if you can. "Recently Heartfelt was very grateful to receive a donation of 10 camera bags from Blonde Robot, Borge's Imaging and THINK TANK PHOTO for use with the next #Heartfelt Camera Kits. Heartfelt Camera Kits are sponsored by families and donated to Hospitals across Australia and New Zealand - these camera kits are used at many city and remote hospitals to take photographs for bereaved families. So far 170 camera kits have been sponsored and delivered. To find out more about the Heartfelt Camera Project, here is the link ? The Heartfelt Team"
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    Our last #ShareTheMoment for today from "My new Airport International V3.0 ready to roll It carries: -Canon 1Dx -Canon 7d -Canon 400mm 2.8 IS L USM -Canon 70/200mm 4.0 L USM -Sigma 50mm 1.4 ART -Tokina 11/16mm 2.8 -Nikkor 24mm 2.8 -Canon 580EXII Speedlite Strobe + diffuser -MacBook Pro 15'' -Hard Drive -Chargers -Spare Batteries -Cards -Random stuff" Thanks @michelescudiero @michelescd
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    Our latest Digital Holster! - Mike Evangelist #ShareTheMoment "The Sony 200-600mm lens fits perfectly in the 150 holster, with the gripped body attached"
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    BackLight® Elite 45L
    ????? 5 star review from Alan R.: "Photographer Revenge - I love this bag for all the reasons it makes carrying my gear easier. But the best part is that if you ever get into a situation where a nasty airline employee tries to force you to check this bag, you can just smile and pull off the top part with critical paperwork, then open up the back and pull out the camera/lens container and hand them a mostly empty backpack. Peace of mind."