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    Community Wildlife Transformation
    "While the UK is introducing one of the world's toughest ivory bans, and China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan are strengthening their own bans, the US is taking steps backward, to ease the import of so-called "elephant trophies." Dave Matthews Band is taking a stand for the elephants and for community-based conservation. Watch this new video of Dave and his incredible song "Mother of Africa" at Reteti Elephant Sanctuary (@r.e.s.c.u.e) - and then make a $10 contribution to support the sanctuary, and enter to win a chance at a luxury safari to Kenya and see Dave in concert with @prizeo (link below). Not only will you be helping care for baby elephants, you'll also be entered to win a life-changing trip to see the sanctuary in person. The first $10,000 in funds raised will be generously matched by Elephant Gems. Reteti Elephant Sanctuary is the first ever community-owned and run elephant sanctuary in Africa. The sanctuary provides a safe place for injured elephants to heal and later, be returned back to the wild. Reteti operates in partnership with Conservation International (Conservation International) who provide critical operational support and work to scale the community-centered model to create lasting impacts worldwide" Via #ThinkTankPro Ami Vitale #protectelephants #bekindtoelephants #DontLetThemDisappear #elephants #saveelephants #stoppoaching #kenya #northernkenya #magicalkenya #whyilovekenya #africa #everydayafrica #photojournalism #amivitale Nikon #nikonusa #nikonlove #nikonnofilter #nikonambassador
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    Instagram Photos
    #SmallBig this is the art of packing a camera bag to make it look small and compact, but inside you're wishing you went to the gym rather than the donut shop...
  • Jason Carlson Photography - 21678123158_10156601339033159
    Jason Carlson Photography
    How many ThinkTank using Music Photographers do we have in our midst? Cheers for the tag Jason Carlson Photography #Loud Never We See
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    #PSA -- Do you know what you agree to online? (Terms, Privacy, Photo Competitions, Stuff...) Do you read the fine print? We've updated our privacy policy along with a gazillion others, in line with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. Here's the fine print... #DontJustHitReturn #HowsThatForASelfie