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Waterproof and Fogproof Wide Angle

Porro Prism

6.5ø Angle of View

The 10x50 FMTR-SX Polaris Binoculars are specifically for the discerning sport optic user who demands the utmost quality, lowest distortion, and brightest image possible. The individual focus provides a great depth of field, useful when doing long-range visual surveys. The 10x50 FMTR-SX can function as compact astronomical binoculars for viewing celestial bodies and accepts four Fujinon Polaris 1.7" eyepiece filters: UV/haze, polarizing, nebula, and solar.

Among the world's great binoculars, Fujinon's Polaris binoculars transmit an incredible >95% of the light reaching the binoculars. They're coated on every surface with Fujinon's enviable EBC process for stellar images. Fogproof, nitrogen-purged performance assures that even through drastic temperature changes the binoculars will stay clear internally. They are simply bright, high-resolution, and low-distortion binoculars.

Nitrogen-purged waterproof and fogproof lenses

Up to 13 Fujinon EBC multi-coatings on all surfaces

56 to 74mm interpupillary adjustment range

Protective rubber armoring

Accepts optional 1.7" eyepiece filters including UV/haze, polarizing, nebula, and solar filters