Our approach to this DVD is to explore how the advanced settings can be used in real world situations, and how they influence the final image. This DVD is not for novice photographers. It assumes you have a working knowledge of digital photography and the controls on your camera. As an example, our section on color management is not a step by step process of how to calibrate your equipment, but a real world discussion of the major stumbling blocks you are likely to encounter as your image moves from the camera through your editing software, and on to a printer, a magazine, or the web. Marc Aguilera tours around the world speaking on color management. We are indeed fortunate that Marc took the time to give us this introduction.

We cover difficult lighting situations you are likely to encounter. This DVD covers how settings like exposure compensation, physical filters on your Speedlight, and advanced white balance settings on your camera can enhance or detract from the final image, but also steps you can take to give your image the best chance of being great.

In our section on Commander Mode with wireless remote speedlights we give you examples of using your camera controls to get great shots. In discussing the Creative Lighting System, we give you an approach you can replicate, then modify as you introduce speedlights and diffusers into your creative bag of tricks.

Think of this DVD as a call to action. Watch a section, then shoot, shoot, shoot. The technical information on the DVD, along with your active participation should take your photography to new heights.