FreeXwire Receiver (FW7Q) : Specifically for Quantum Qflash Series 4d, 5d and 5d-R flashes. Receive wireless TTL data from a FreeXwire transmitter. Designed Specifically for Quantum Qflash T5d-R and X5d-R Plugs directly in side of Qflash. Small, lightweight, requires neither batteries nor cables. Responds to four zones and eight channel frequencies from FreeXwire transmitter FW9T, for 256 possible combinations. Confirmation/status light ensures wireless link is working properly.

Remote Control of Qflash in TTL, Automatic and Manual Modes Used with Quantum Qflash T5d-R and X5d-R, FreeXwire system allows independent control of two separate groupings of remote Qflash (each flash requires its own receiver). Each group can be remotely adjusted for exposure in 1/3-stop increments over a four stop range. Each group can be independently turned on an off from the camera position.

Receiver FW7Q receives all TTL exposure information sent from a camera via a Quantum dedicated TTL adapter connected to a "master" Qflash T5d-R or X5d-R at the camera position. The exposure ratio of the remote groups can be independently adjusted in 1/3-stop increments - over a five stop range - in relation to the basic TTL exposure.

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