Leica Summaron M 28mm f 5.6 ASPH chrome

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Details for Leica Summaron M 28mm f 5.6 ASPH chrome

Today, Leica has announced the 28mm Summaron-M f/5.6 lens for the Leica M system. The lens is more than just a throwback to a classic design from the mid 1950s. It is a lens from the 1950s, at least optically, featuring the same design as the original. We can assume that the lens features modern coatings, but otherwise, if you are looking for a classic Leica glow, this wide-angle lens might be right up your alley.

Just like the original, the 28 Summaron is extremely compact, protruding less than 3/4? (2cm) from the front of the camera when mounted.

This makes it the most compact M lens in production. Be aware that filter usage might pose a minor challenge if you are used to E39 filters for the smaller Leica M lenses. The Summaron does have threading for a screw-in filter….it’s just a somewhat non-standard E34 size.

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