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This new multi-purpose zoom lens features extremely high imaging quality with wide-angle and short telephoto convenience. The ideal first lens for the new PEN E-P1. Starting at 28mm (equivalent) wide angle, which is ideal for landscape, group people shots and general wide lens photography, this lens zooms out fully for flattering portrait shots or when tighter framing of composition is needed. It has excellent close-up or macro shooting ability with a nearest subject distance of 25cm from the front of the lens, even at the longest zoom setting. Its overall zoom range is flexible enough to make it a standard use lens for most of the everyday scenes you want to photograph.

Featuring a totally new optical design from the existing E-System Zuiko Digital 14-42mm lens, this M.Zuiko lens designed for the PEN camera series has a sophisticated optical design that uses glass technology typically reserved only for lenses much higher in price. It features two double-sided aspherical type glass elements for maximum compactness, and a cemented ED and HR type lens group for optimum correction of chromatic aberration.

A unique collapsible or retracting lens barrel design minimises the physical size of the lens when in transport.

14-42mm (28-84mm equivalent)

2 double-sided aspherical elements, ED and HR lens elements

General photography, Landscape, Portraiture