28Mp Resolution 44 x 33mm CCD Sensor

3.5" Touch Screen LCD

50-800 ISO Sensitivity

1/10,000 - 32 Second Exposure Time

Leaf MOS 53MB Uncompressed RAW File Size

16 Bit Color Depth

FireWire 800 Connectivity

CF Card&FireWire Disk Portable Storage

Powered by 2350mAh Leaf Battery

This Mamiya Leaf Aptus-II 28 Digital Back is compatible with the Mamiya 645AFD, H1, Contax and V- mount .This digital back provides 28Mp of resolution from a 44 x 33mm CCD image sensor with 6096 x 4558 pixels. Perhaps more impressive, however, is the collaboration that brought this back to fruition. Mamiya, Leaf, Phase One, and Schneider all came together to create one of the world's most sensitive and formidable imaging devices. The monster sensor, with its 16 bit color palette sends garden-variety DSLRs running scared, with image quality that's beyond phenomenal.

The Leaf Aptus-II 28 features the Leaf MOS file format, compatible with Phase One Capture One, Leaf Capture, Adobe Lightroom, and Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Camera RAW. The MOS file sizes are 53MB for RAW uncompressed and 31MB for RAW compressed. The back also provides an ISO sensitivity of 50-800, a 12 f/stop dynamic range, and 1/10,000 - 32 second exposure time.

A 3.5" touch screen LCD provides state-of-the-art navigation and composition, if you so choose, along with a preview of up to 20 images and 1:1 zoom. Tools, such as the histogram, exposure alarms, average exposure meter, and the spot meter are also displayed on the screen. Various image settings, multiple language support, CF card and high volume portable FireWire disk storage, and FireWire 800 connectivity round out the in-camera feature set on this 28Mp power house.

When it comes to software, the back works with the multiple aforementioned choices. Phase One Capture One and Leaf Capture come included with the Leaf Aptus-II 28, both ready for professional tethered use and RAW file post-processing. Phase One Capture One 6 is a RAW converter and image editing software that both streamlines workflow during and after shooting. Leaf Capture is user-friendly with an upgraded GUI for the Leaf Aptus-II series. It's also the fastest tethered application for commercial shooting. Along with the new GUI this software includes Lens Calibration files. The software can also be used with the new Leaf Remote Capture app for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Mamiya / Leaf Aptus II Digital Backs When "good enough" is not

The Power of Four "Mamiya - Powered by Leaf&Phase One" is a stunning collaboration among Mamiya, Leaf, Phase One, and Schneider - the creators of the world's finest solutions in hardware, software, and optics

More Choices Featuring a 28 megapixel sensor precision-matched with the world's greatest optics results in exquisitely detailed image files, even when tightly cropped. The large sensor coupled with a lush 16 bit/channel color palette, provides exceptional color accuracy and rich high dynamic range photographs in just a single capture. Other digital camera backs or 35mm-sized DSLRs simply cannot compare!

World's Widest Pro Software Compatibility Stellar camera performance is of little value without equally powerful software options. Mamiya/Leaf files can be captured and processed using Phase One Capture One or Leaf Capture (both included), or applications like Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop CS5/Adobe Camera RAW (sold separately)

World-Class Service Performed in the USA Customer and repair service for Mamiya and Leaf products is performed in the USA. MAC Group has been the exclusive distributor of Mamiya in the USA since 1987, and their award-winning service department has been servicing Leaf Backs since 2000

Software Choices Different shooting situations require different photographic tools, especially when it comes to software. Choosing software that you are comfortable using is paramount. This is why Phase One Capture One and Leaf Capture, which are two of the