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ILFORD FP4 Plus is an exceptionally fine grain, medium speed black and white film. It builds on the quality and reputation of ILFORD FP4 and continues the ILFORD reputation in medium speed films. Compared with FP4, it has finer grain and shorter processing times. When given standard development it has a speed rating of ISO 125/22ø to daylight. FP4 Plus has a high acutance emulsion which, combined with its fine grain and exposure latitude, ensures superlative quality the ideal film to use for all high quality indoor and outdoor photography, particularly when giant enlargements are to be made. Speed ISO 125

Applications General photography, copying and internegative work, and has many applications in scientific, technical and industrial photography

Process Ilfotec, Microphen, Ilfosol, ID-11

Color Saturation Not applicable

Grain Very fine

Sharpness High

Exposure Latitude Wide

Push/Pull Usable results even if it is overexposed by as much as six stops, or underexposed by two stops