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Fujifilm is pleased to announce the latest addition to the Instax range: the Instax Mini Evo. Combining traditional analog design with the controls and convenience of digital devices, the mini Evo is a hybrid instant camera and smartphone printer in one.

Key Features:

Lens and Film Effects to Bring Prints to Life

The mini Evo boasts 10 lens effects including Soft Focus, Fisheye and Light Leak, as well as 10 film effects including Monochrome and Retro. By combining the lens and film effects, users can get creative with 100 different expressions allowing them to capture the moment exactly as they want to show it.

High Quality Prints

Instax has doubled the resolution of exposure compared to previous hybrid models so users can print the perfect image every time. The Instax-Rich Mode enhances the colours in images and the Instax-Natural Mode creates a softer, more classic instant photo feel.

Premium Design

With its analogue-inspired design and premium aesthetic, the Instax mini Evo is the perfect tool for users to express their creative style. The new model is the first Instax camera equipped with a print lever, lens dial and film dial, offering users the joy of creating instant photographs with traditional analogue operations.

Direct Print and Saved Image Functions

Captured your piŠce de resistance? Using the new dedicated Instax mini Evo smartphone app the experience of printing memories is effortless.

The Direct Print function allows users to print instant photos straight from their smartphone. The Transferred Image function is perfect for all Instax lovers, as it allows images captured with the mini Evo to be saved directly to your smartphone with the instax frame around the photo. And the Remote Shooting function allows users to transform their smartphone into a remote control for their camera.