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Designed with professional landscape photographers in mind, this 100 x 150mm Master Series Hard Edge Graduated 0.6 ND Filter from Benro has a 4x filter factor that provides a 2-stop exposure reduction in selected areas. This specific model features a hard edge in its center that starkly divides the clear section and the darkened section, making it ideal for photos with a sharp horizon such as seascapes and elevated urban landscapes. The Master Series filters are made with Schott B270 glass and finished with several different layers of coating. These layers increase the resistance of the glass to avoid scratches and help keep the surface waterproof, making it easier to clean when shooting in inclement weather. Additionally, the filter is designed for a neutral performance that avoids affecting color rendition and curtails the unnatural colors found in some pictures with high contrast.

GND filter featuring a density of 0.6, with a sharp line in the center dividing the transparent area and the darkened area

Filter factor of 4x makes for an exposure reduction of 2 stops

Multi-coated Schott B270 glass construction

Anti-scratch and waterproof coatings make filter easy to clean and allow for its use in rain or snowy conditions

Designed to not affect color rendition and eliminate problems with high contrast areas