The Perfection V550 Photo Film and Document Scanner from Epson features a 6400 dpi sensor that scans not just documents and photos but also 35mm negatives, slides, and medium format film. Digitize your negatives and slides to view, edit, and share them. The 48-bit color depth and 3.4 Dmax provide accurate color rendition. The included film holders ensure you get accurate scans the first time and eliminate the guesswork of film scanning by automatically separating multiple frames into separate files. After scanning an image upload your photo directly to Facebook, Picasa, or a cloud site using the bundled Epson Easy Photo Scan software. When scanning a document, you can convert the image into editable text using the included OCR (optical character recognition) software. You can also use the software to create a PDF file for easy document archiving and sharing. Have a specific type of scan you perform often? You can program the scanner's 4 one-touch buttons to automate specific scans for a smoother workflow.

Optical 6400 dpi resolution provides enough detail for enlargements up to 17 x 22"

Built-in transparency unit scans 35 mm negatives, slides, and medium format film

DIGITAL ICE removes the appearance of dust and scratches on film as you scan

Use Easy Photo Fix for 1-touch photo restorations

Scan multiple photos at one time; auto edge detection crops each image and saves it as a separate file

Scan your slides, negatives, or photos and automatically upload them to photo-sharing sites such as Facebook or Picasa

ReadyScan LED technology eliminates warm-up time and uses a mercury-free light source

Convert scanned documents into editable text using ABBYY FineReader Sprint Plus OCR

Color depth up to 48-bit

Energy Star&RoHS compliant

LED light consumes less energy than a fluorescent lamp product


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