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The proven design of Siros studio units has been optimised for the battery version. The lithium-ion

battery can be easily removed and replaced

with one hand. It is perfectly integrated into the

elegant form of the unit - the latch is slightly

raised so that even in the darkest studio you can

reliably locate it by touch. In spite of the large

amount of energy it stores, the battery measures

just 8.5 ž 11 ž 5.5 cm (3.3 ž 4.3 ž 2.2") and

weighs 0.6 kg. Three LEDs reliably indicate the

battery's state of charge. The outer shell is

a single-

piece aluminium housing. This ensures

optimum protection for the advanced technologies

inside and, at the same time, gives Siros L its

elegant appearance.

The stand adapter is also made of aluminium

and designed so that it combines with the


dimensioned handle to act as a floor

stand. The umbrella mounting is located

directly beside the stand adapter. This lets you

use the entire length of the umbrella shaft

for focusing.