Power a Nikon Speedlight with your TRITONFLASH© battery with this handy and indispensable connector cable. Instead of relying on standard AA batteries, which are limited in lifespan as well as recycle rates, simply connect your Speedlight to your TRITONFLASH© battery. Offers hours of continual use without worrying about having to replace batteries (Approximately 2000-2500 flashes at full power setting per battery charge- individual strobe models may vary). Compatible with select Nikon Speedlights with external power cable port, including SB-24, SB-800, SB80-DX, SB-700, and SB-900.

Cables allow parallel powering of two Nikon flash units. The advanced lithium ion battery technology allows for fast recycling and long battery life. Power packs are built with a quick change design for faster battery swapping.

Can be operated worldwide on AC power (100-240V). Battery will operate on AC power and recharge simultaneously.

CAUTION- connecting a third party battery pack such as the Photoflex TRITONFLASH© Battery Pack to a Nikon Speedlight may void your Nikon warranty. Extended, repeated firing of the Speedlight may cause an overheat and render your flash inoperable. Consult your Nikon instruction manual for more information on overheating limits before using the TRITONFLASH© Battery Pack with your Speedlight.