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LUPOLED 350 - cod 260 LUPOLED 350 panels are equipped with the same and exclusive High CRI LEDs (CRI>94) of the model LUPOLED 560.

LUPOLED 350 panels, thanks to the exclusive technology CRI>94 have perfect color rendition without unpleasant casts (green) typical of incorrect LED lights.

LUPOLED 350 panels are light and portable and can be used inside or outside the studio because they can run on AC adapter or battery.

LUPOLED 350 can adjust the luminous internsity level with accuracy from 0 to 100% rotating the control knob on the back of the fixture.

The dedicated DV battery (only 150 gr) can provide about 1,25 hrs of illumination at full power.

Thanks to the exclusive features LUPOLED 350 are ideal solution for photo and video.