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LUPOLED 560 DUAL COLOR - cod 262 LUPOLED 560 DUAL COLOR panels are equipped with the same High CRI LEDs (CRI>94) of the model LUPOLED 1120 DMX DUAL COLOR.

LUPOLED 560 DUAL COLOR uses 560 high efficiency LEDs with superior color rendering index without unpleasant green cast typical of incorrect LED lights.

LUPOLED 560 DUAL COLOR can be set to any color temperature from 3200øK to 5600øK, just rotating the knob on the back of the fixture and, with the second knob, it is possible to adjust with accuracy the luminous intensity level from 0 to 100%.

The panel is very lightweight and easy to carry in the padded bag and can run on AC adapter or dedicated battery (weight only 150 gr). The dedicated DV battery can provide about 1,5 hrs of illumination at full power.

LUPOLED 560 DUAL COLOR is the most useful and versatile fixture for photography and video because it can adapt instantly to every different shooting condition.