The pantograph is made of aluminium (P-Al MgSi UNI 3569) and manufactured according to DIN 15560-46. The attachments at both ends of the pantograph are 16mm, male on the bottom and female on the top. The load is supported by a steel cable of 2 mm. diameter (safety factor 12). Loads up to 12 Kg can be suspended using only the patented friction device, while loads up to a maximum of 18 kg require the use of the optional springs. The pantograph can be regulated to keep suspended loads from 1 to 18 kg perfectly balanced. By turning the coulored notched ring you can adjust the pantograph's friction; this will ensure that the load remains stable when set in position, but that it will move smoothly up and down when necessary. In any case, it is always advisable to use the springs to aid raising your pantograph When choosing the additional spring(s) for your pantograph, you will first need to know exactly which model of pantograph you have, in order that you can select the spring of the correct length. If you have one of the new compact pantographs (with grey-painted "scissors"), look at the colour of notched ring the 2 m version has a red notched ring, while the 3.8 m version has a blue notched ring. After having identified the length of the pantograph, choose the appropriate spring(s) by refering to the table below. Model


Lifting Rope 2mm wire rope

Safety Factor rope 12

Self Weight 4.7 kg

Max working Load 18 kg

Closed Length 27 cm

Max Extension 200 cm

Width 15 cm

Spring Type Counter Balanced Weight

Without Spring From 0 kg to 4 kg

Type 4 From 3 kg to 8 kg

Type 4 + Type 4

From 8 kg to 14 kg

Type 12

From 9 kg to 16 kg

Type 4 + Type 12

From 13 kg to 18 kg

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