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Broncolor Scoro 1600 S RFS Power Pack Save 30% off this price with a Trade in

Broncolor power packs are constructed for peak performance under heavy use. Long-life capacitors, durable components and solid state design ensure trouble-free operation...

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Broncolor power packs are constructed for peak performance under heavy use. Long-life capacitors, durable components and solid state design ensure trouble-free operation for years. A company already known for creating benchmark products, Broncolor raises the bar to even loftier heights with the introduction of the Scoro A2S 1600 W/S Power Pack. It provides independent 1/10 stop control of each of three flash heads with very short flash durations, selectable color temperature and a new feature: ECTC technology (Enhanced Colour Temperature Control), aimed at preventing color shift over the entire output range.

Controllable from camera or computer via the built-in RF receiver, the pack also features sequence, delay and interval functions, to name a few, in addition to a sleek new design. Besides speed, power and style, the hallmark of a Bron pack is consistency: digital controls can be returned to exactly the same settings an hour or a year later.

Menu-Driven Commands

All special features are controlled from the LCD menu screen. Simple controls allow changes on all the pack's advanced settings and display crucial information at the touch of a button.

The LCD is backlit for easy visibility in dark studios.

Total Asymmetric Control

Control the power of each head as if it were its own power pack. Just choose the power level for any head, and the overall power selection will self-adjust to match.

Power Output Display

Displays f/stop and w/s, or f/stop and percentage simultaneously.

Faster Recycle Time

Minimum Power: 0.02 second, allowing for stroboscopic effects.

Maximum Power: only 1 second.

Flash Duration

Precisely control flash duration anywhere from 1/150 to 1/9000 sec. (t0.1)

The best motion-stopping capability of any strobe system on the market.

Color Temperature

Controllable and consistent color temperature across the entire adjustment range.

Flash Sequence

Program the pack with the number of flashes desired and it will fire automatically.

Delay Flash

Program a delay before the unit fires, providing rear-curtain sync on medium or large format cameras.


Enables the photographer to create a firing sequence with four strobe packs. The packs will alternate allowing one to recycle while the other pack fires for rapid recycling.

Memory Function

Save two complete groups of settings (power levels, asymmetrics, programming functions, etc.) for instant recall.

Proportional Modeling Lamp

Modeling light features 8 different proportional levels suitable to all broncolor power packs and compact units.


Switchable, adjusts to the line voltage.

Multiple Language Support:

The menu text is available in multiple languages (German, English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Swedish, and Indonesian).

Computer Control

Can be controlled from a Macintosh or Windows based computer.Ideal for digital applications.

Dual Sync Sockets

Dual sync sockets provide the ability to hardwire packs together, use of the Ping-Pong feature, and a backup sync socket.

True 100% Recycle

Fires only when the capacitors have reached 100% of their full capacity, ensuring consistent output