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The Broncolor Beauty Dish Reflector is 20.4" (51.75cm) in diameter and has a 7.7" (20.4cm) deep white interior. When attached to any Broncolor flash head or monolight, it will provide even light with deep shadows that have soft edges. For more softening, a 1/2 stop fabric diffuser "sock" that can slip over the front is included. Soft and Softer

Integral counter-reflector provides optimum softening with90ø dispersion

Included slip-on diffuser adds approximately 6ø of dispersion and diminishes output by 1/2 stop

Fits All Broncolor Heads

Pulso Adapter (#33.501.00) is required for Picolite and Mobilite 2

Focusing of Pulso G head is limited due to the presence of the counter reflector