Fits Series 0,1&Mountaineer Tripods For Folded Tripod/Head Combos up to 25"

Internal Head Diameter: 3.5"

External Length: 26"

Cylindrical Form

Rip-Stop Nylon

Two Top-Carry Handles

Removable Shoulder Strap

Dual Zippered Closure

The Gitzo GC1101 Padded Tripod Bag is designed for Series 0 and 1 Mountaineer tripods, but will also hold tripod/head combinations up to 25" with folded legs. The rip-stop nylon material protects your tripod from abrasions and incidental contact. The bag features a cylindrical design and is accessed via two full-length zippers. Portability is via two interlocking touch-fastened top-carry handles that are stitched to the exterior and encircle the bag for extra durability and strength. The bag also features a removable shoulder strap.

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