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Detachable, Remote-Controllable Gimbal 2-Prong Mountable on Numerous Supports

Remote Embedded Into Handle / Removable

33 ft Wireless Remote Control Distance

Water-Resistant Motors and Body

292ø Pan&Tilt, 90ø Roll

Brushless DC Motors and Rotary Sensors

The REMOVU S1 features a detachable gimbal that can be mounted on numerous supports and wirelessly remote-controlled. It comes one HERO 5 Frame, One Hero session frame and frame for the GoPro HERO4/3+/3 cameras, and has water-resistant motors and body, so it can safely be used in rain or snow conditions.

The gimbal has a built-in standard 2-prong mount, and can be detached from the handle and mounted on a variety of supports. At the same time, the remaining handle has a wireless remote control embedded into it that can be used directly from the handle or removed and used totally independently. The remote offers a 5-way joystick and works from up to 33 ft away. It allows you to adjust the camera angle and change operation modes.

The S1 is designed with brushless DC motors and rotary sensors. It provides 292ø of tilt, 292ø of pan, and 90ø of roll motion, and operates for 3-5 hours on the included battery.

Key Features

Detachable, 2-prong mountable, remote-controllable gimbal

Wireless remote control embedded into handle / removable

33 ft remote control distance


1x frame housing for HERO4/3+/3

1 x Frame houseing For HERO5

1 x Mount for Hero Session

Also supports the HERO5 and Session via optional housings

Water-resistant motors and body

Brushless DC motors and rotary sensors

292ø of tilt, 292ø of pan, and 90ø of roll motion

3-5 hour operating time with included battery

Please note: to use in the rain with a Hero 3 or 4 camera you will need to purchase the optional rainproof Hero3/w housing.