The OM-1 Mark II is a statement of blazing fast speeds, unparalleled computational capabilities and tactile usability with refinements throughout the camera.

The OM-1 Mark II presents a true wonder of outdoor photography equipment that will perform wherever you go.

Never miss a moment with a large buffer size for sequential shooting, enhanced AI Subject Detection AF and blazing performance.

Industry-leading computational photography features such as LiveGND and High Res Shot to give you the edge.

Go lighter with an improved body feel, 8.5 stops of stabilising power and stellar battery life.

Built to perform in every environment you find yourself in with IP53 certified weathersealing.

The OM-1 Mark II picks up where the original OM-1 left off. The new camera boasts a double buffer size and remarkable high-speed sequential shooting — up to 50fps with continuous autofocus — coupled with improved autofocus accuracy and reliability.

with AI subject detection
We improved the AI Subject Detection to maintain focus more accurately and reliably and detect humans.

The enhanced AI Subject Detection lets you selectively focus on a single subject, giving you precision in crowded scenes.

More accurate
than ever before
OM-1 Mark II significantly enhances Auto Focus precision, especially for wildlife and adventure outdoor photography. This translates to an Auto Focus system that reliably locks onto subjects even in the most demanding photographic scenarios.

Pro Capture up to 120fps
With our Pro Capture Mode when you press the shutter button down halfway, it begins buffering a running series of photos at 120fps. When you see the moment you want, fully press the shutter and the camera saves that moment plus the buffered shots. Never miss a shot again because of a slow reaction.

Photo of a bird in flight
Double buffer size
With increased memory in the camera, we’ve more than doubled the buffer size, jumping from 92* to an impressive 213 photos at 120 fps in RAW format.


A sequence of bird photos taken with OM-1 Mark II's blackout-free sequential shooting
sequential shooting
Now, in addition to the existing 25-120 fps, we've added 12.5 fps and 16 fps for a better shooting experience for static subjects.

A major focus of the OM-1 Mark II is its capability in computational photography. With the introduction of LiveGND — an in-camera graduated neutral density filter — you’re to leave your costly and clumsy external filters behind and trust the camera. Additionally, we’ve significantly enhanced the LiveND and High Res Shot features. 

No more clumsy filters
Introducing the new LiveGND, our Graduated Neutral Density filter for creative freedom to position the graduation precisely as you like.

The full spectrum of tones
High Res Shot
The High Res Shot mode has always been a standout feature, and now, you can capture photos in 14-bit RAW.

• 80MP with tripod

• 50MP handheld

Get long exposure shots in bright daylight with the in-camera LiveND feature. The OM-1 Mark II takes LiveND one EV stop further, up to ND128, providing even greater flexibility in challenging conditions.

Photo of a night sky captured with OM-1 Mark II’s Live Composite mode
Live Composite
The OM-1 Mark II’s Live Composite mode takes a series of continuous photos with the same exposure time, and then combines them into a single shot — making star trail photography and light painting easy without the fear of over exposure.

Photo of a crab in a whole new dimension thanks to focus stacking
Focus stacking
Focus Stacking gives your images a whole new dimension by extending the depth of field from foreground to background. This is achieved by taking up to 15 individual photos at varying focus distances and then stitching them together into a single rendered composite image.

Not only is the OM-1 Mark II built compact enough to go with you anywhere. It also introduces industry-leading features to let you leave needless things behind.
With a record 8.5 EV stops in camera stabilisation, you can ditch the tripod with confidence and travel lighter.

8.5 EV stops
of magic
The OM-1 Mark II boasts an impressive 8.5 EV stops of stabilisation, taking it 1.5 stops further than the already impressive OM-1. It also features Sync-IS up to 8.5 stops.

The OM-1 Mark II in a Carry-On bag ready to be taken out into nature
Keep Calm Carry-On.
Compared to the rivals, we are lighter in system weight. With the OM-1 Mark II, you fit a complete set of camera gear in a standard Carry-On bag.

A man taking photos with the OM-1 Mark II out in nature
Good to go. All day.
The OM-1 Mark II functions power efficiently. Coupled with our high-capacity BLX-1 Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries, you can shoot for hours: up to 500 photos with a single charge.

Photo of a girl in nature holding the OM-1 Mark II
Photograph in any weather conditions with IP53 weathersealing

We don’t cut corners with the great outdoors. With IP53 certified weather-sealing, the OM-1 Mark II is built to excel through snow dust and rain. The tactile hand-feel of the body is also improved with the introduction of new rubbery dials for better grip and feel.

Not just secure, but proofed.
IP53 Certified
The OM-1 Mark II can take everything from snowy mountain tops to desert sands. The IP53 standard indicates our dedication to keep your camera dust and splash proof.

The OM-1 Mark II in a snowy environment
Freezeproof construction
We built the OM-1 Mark II to withstand the cold with a build to thrive even when temperatures drop to -10°C.

Demonstration of the OM-1 Mark II's sensor filter
Super Sonic Wave Filter
The OM-1 Mark II features a sensor filter to ward off dust and dirt with 30.000 vibrations per second each time you power on the camera. 

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