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    What's Lyell to do? $350 cashback on a Fujifilm HX1 or $250 cashback on the Fujifilm XT2? Get both I say! Give a Fuji a forever home! 7th July to the 16th October
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    Nick's hard at work with the Canon up to $500 Cashback offer on selected Canon printers! Out the door they Go! On until the 26th of August 2018 Now is the time to get yours!
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    Great deals available NOW on the Fujifilm X-T2 and X-H1! Get them while they're Hot! T's & C's apply...
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    Great deals available NOW on the Fujifilm X-T2 and X-H1! Get them while they're Hot! T's & C's apply...
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    Hakan Nedjat Photography
    Take your long exposures to the next level. Learn how to effectively and precisely capture long exposures and process your images in this two-part workshop. Workshop bonuses: In partnership with Sony and Photo Warehouse - try out the latest cameras, lenses and filters! Lots more detail on the workshop here:
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    Takes a lot to get Addy to smile, the arrival of the first shipment of the all new Panasonic FT7 tough camera seems to have done the trick
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    Sony Launches 400mm G Master Fast Super telephoto It's the mark of a maturing lens system when the prime supertelephotos start appearing, so the 400mm f2.8 is an important new arrival for Sony's rapidly expanding FE mount line-up. It's the first large-aperture super tele photo prime in the FE mount line-up and also, right now, the lightest model in its class. Sony last fast super telephoto prime was a 500mm f4.0 in the A mount. Obviously, Sony is continuing to target sports, action and wildlife photographers as converts to its full-35mm format mirrorless camera system, with this lens being an obvious companion for the high-speed A9 (a new firmware upgrade for this body ensures full compatibility with the 400mm lens). The new FE 400mm f2.8 GM OSS - to give it its full model name - employs magnesium alloy barrel tubes with fill sealing against the intrusion of dust and moisture. Additionally, the exposed surface of the front element has a fluorine coating to help better repel dirt and water. The supplied lens hood is made from carbon fibre to help minimise weight. The 400mm f2.9 weighs 2.895 kilograms - which is significantly lighter than its D-SLR rivals from Canon and Nikon - and is just under 40 centimetres in length. A rear filter slot accepts 40.5 mm diameter screw thread types, including a circular polariser (the VF-DCPL1) which will be available later in the year. External controls include four customisable focus-hold buttons which can also be programmed to activate other features such as Sony's 'Eye AF' function. There's also a switch for engaging the 'Full-Time DMF' function which provides an instant manual focus override, and a programmable function ring. On the inside, the optical construction comprises 23 elements in 17 groups, including three fluorite types to minimise both axial and lateral chromatic aberrations. Sony's 'Nano AR' multi-coating is used to minimise internal reflections and reduce the occurrence of ghosting or flare. Importantly, the optical construction has been designed to move the lens's centre-of-gravity more towards the rear so it's better balanced with the lighter-weight Sony mirrorless camera bodies, rather than being front-heavy which is often the case with super telephotos. Price TBA
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    Tenba Cineluxe Collection The Tenba Cineluxe Collection was developed in collaboration with a large group of professional filmmakers to deliver a unique level of speed, versatility, protection and performance to video camera bags. With a fast "doctor bag" style opening, these bags allow uncompromising filmmakers the quickest possible access to their gear, and they enable cameras to be stored with baseplates, matte boxes and other rig components attached. Cineluxe bags include a host of new features and "industry firsts," such as Tenba's exclusive Flex-Core(TM) dividers that are both rigid and flexible, and an included set of padded wraps that help maximize the interior storage space by protecting additional lenses and other delicate gear when stored alongside a built rig. Every feature, function and size in the Cineluxe collection was carefully developed to meet the demands of working filmmakers. All in stock @ Photo Warehouse, Check out the range & prices here