The success story really began in 1948 when brothers Pierre and Joseph Bron established Bron&Co. in Basel. Since then, the company Bron Elektronik AG is making lighting and flash systems for photographers. broncolor is specialised in a narrow but deep range of products, pursues intensive research, develops superior equipment and is always accessible to customers. High Swiss Quality is a standard. broncolor products are distributed with success in more than 60 countries worldwide.


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    moja in China
    Watch this making-of Awamu Moja`s shooting in China - packed with lots of behind-the-scenes, Chinese traditions and historical monuments.
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    Photos from broncolor's post
    They are almost treated like royals: Influencers who conquered the world of Social Media. In her new project "The New Royalty" Gen NEXT ambassador Victoria Krundysheva paints an exaggerated picture of influencers through expressive images: "(...) one of the biggest highlights of the shoot for me was testing different range and angle of light on my new broncolor Para 222, which proved to be a whole studio set up within itself." ?
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    Photos from broncolor's post
    This year, Awamu Moja packed his bags and shipped his photographic equipment to China (...) Curious to discover this great nation, both for its history and the new place it occupies in the world, he chose to make it his decor. ?
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    Photos from broncolor's post
    As he already did with his last concept, Gen NEXT ambassador Nils Wilbert combined the joy of our childhood with the things we love as adults: "I wanted to create a bed of crayons for the Mont Blanc to lie in, where the viewer is unsure what the coloured background is until a closer inspection is made." For this product photo he used "the Siros 800S as the main light, the Scoro 1600, 3 Picolites and 3 diffusion panels." ?