The success story really began in 1948 when brothers Pierre and Joseph Bron established Bron&Co. in Basel. Since then, the company Bron Elektronik AG is making lighting and flash systems for photographers. broncolor is specialised in a narrow but deep range of products, pursues intensive research, develops superior equipment and is always accessible to customers. High Swiss Quality is a standard. broncolor products are distributed with success in more than 60 countries worldwide.


  • BTS with Nils Wilbert - 125206490832975_2311771865509749
    BTS with Nils Wilbert
    What is Gen NEXT ambassador Nils Wilbert preparing here??? Find it out on our blog..... ?
  • Photos from broncolor's post - 125206490832975_2302657319754537
    Photos from broncolor's post
    In her new project, Ilona Veresk asks herself "Is this world real?" In order to visualize the discrepancy between reality and fiction, she had to "make the perfectly clean broncolor gear a little bit dirtier." ?
  • Ocean pollution awareness campaign - 125206490832975_2295836723769930
    Ocean pollution awareness campaign
    Karl Taylor Photography`s latest project makes the incredible magnitude of ocean pollution visible through strong images: "My hope was that by assisting with this campaign, by creating eye catching and thought provoking images, we could circulate the images to a wider audience and help raise awareness and encourage people to become a part of the solution." ? Read the whole story on our blog:
  • 's cover photo - 125206490832975_2295840850436184
    's cover photo
    by Karl Taylor