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Lumiquest ❱ by Specials First

The quality of this light has been a concern to photographers since the introduction of the flash. Over the last two decades, LumiQuest has developed the most effective and comprehensive line of photographic flash accessories in the world. Our bounce and diffusion devices improve both digital and film photography for millions of professionals and serious amateurs. By incorporating proven laws of physics into their design, LumiQuest has become the world leader in "hand-held" flash light modifiers. Our bounce and diffusion devices fit a wide range of popular flash units from Nikon, Canon, Sunpak, Vivitar, Quantum, Metz, and others. Our ProMax System is a six-piece light modification kit that allows the photographer to deal with a variety of lighting situations on location. Whether you select a Pocket Bouncer, UltraSoft, 80-20, Big Bounce, one of our SoftBoxes or the complete ProMax System, you can be assured that our flash accessories are a fast, convenient improvement over direct flash.