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Newell AA USB-C 1550 mAh Battery 2-pack

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Details for Newell AA USB-C 1550 mAh Battery 2-pack

The Newell AA USB-C 1550 mAh rechargeable battery is a revolutionary product that will allow you to forget about special chargers for ¡°sticks¡± once and for all. The integrated USB-C port will allow you to replenish the energy in the cells with a cable connected to a computer, smartphone charger or power bank. With Newell AA USB-C 1550 mAh batteries, powering clocks, remote controls, flashlights, game controllers, smoke detectors, blood pressure monitors or toys will be convenient and environmentally friendly. The high-quality cells offer a capacity of as much as 1550 mAh. Newell batteries are extremely resistant to self-discharge. The manufacturer also took care of modern technologies to protect against overheating, overloading and overcharging. In the set you will find 2 AA batteries and a USB-A / USB-C cable.

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