Hahnel Procube 2 Sony Charger

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Details for Hahnel Procube 2 Sony Charger

Charge two batteries at the same time with the Hahnel ProCube II Twin Charger. The new model features 17% faster charging than in the origin ProCube, and the Sony model is compatible with NP-BX1, NP-FW50, and NP-FZ100 batteries. The ProCube II also comes with interchangeable UK, Euro, and US plugs, making it ideal for those who travel.

Key Features: Hahnel ProCube II – Sony

Cableless Battery Plate: Easier to change charging plates making it far more user friendly

Redesigned LCD Display: A new display shows a mAh reading to display the remaining battery capacity, as well as a battery health check

AC/DC Adaptor: A redesigned AC/DC adaptor features an 11% reduction in volume, and a 20% reduction in weight, as well as an upgraded charging rating from 1200mA to 1500mA

AA Battery Charging: Remove the charging plate to access a 4 AA battery charging station

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