Ulanzi Cold Shoe Extension Strap CA08

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Details for Ulanzi Cold Shoe Extension Strap CA08


Creative Expansion Unlimited: Personalized compatibility, highly adaptable to different scenarios, and does not interfere with the stabilizer's Y-axis

Triple Anti-Slip Design, No Shifting: The strap features a triple anti-slip design to firmly secure the devices for enhanced stability and peace of mind

Various Sizes to Adjust at Will: Comes with a long and a short strap for accommodating stabilizers of different sizes effortlessly

Wide Compatibility with Cold Shoe Interface: Universal cold shoe interface, to connect extra fill lights microphones, mobile phone clips and other extension accessories


Model: CA08

Material: PA66+30%, Silicone, Nylon

Applicable Diameter Range (Long Strap): 60 -102 mm

Applicable Diameter Range (Short Strap):18 - 36 mm

Long Strap Size: 390 x 21.6 x 9 mm

Short Strap Size: 165 x 21.6 x 9 mm

Net Weight: 14g

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