Zeapon AF-E1 Timelapse Trigger

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Details for Zeapon AF-E1 Timelapse Trigger

The Zeapon Timelapse Trigger, is the first accessory product, was born in 2021 to inject fresh blood into the brand's product ecology. It brings a brand-new experience for rail slider shooting moving timelapse scenes, solves the problem of picture distortion caused by the camera's incorrect exposure when shooting timelapse photography from day to night. ZEAPON brings a set of flexible, portable, and stable shooting systems for timelapse photographers who use Micro 2 series motorized rail slider. Through this system, the art of time passing can be controlled, the fleeting beauty can be touched, and new users can become timelapse masters.

When shooting timelapse photography from day to night, with the function of the timelapse trigger, the camera is automatically calibrated with its own timelapse photography function to obtain accurate exposure. Photographers do not need to worry about the distortion of image quality caused by the change of light, so they can easily get the smooth gradual change effect of day to night exposure, and the post-production work can be greatly reduced.

*When using it, the camera shutter should be set to "rear curtain sync"

Timelapse trigger brings a brand-new experience for rail slider shooting timelapse scenes, breaks through the limitation that "the rail slider can only control the camera in one direction" in this scene and achieves "camera controlling rail slider" through the transmission of timelapse trigger signals so that the camera becomes the dominant device, and the parameters can be adjusted more freely to meet the requirements of more timelapse scenes.

With the Micro 2 series motorised rail slider and timelapse trigger, as well as the new upgrade of the App, ZEAPON brings a set of flexible, portable, and stable shooting systems for timelapse photography players, and creates the most complete timelapse shooting experience. The functions of "Intelligent Timelapse", "Custom Timelapse" and "Camera Mode" are all available.

Even the more difficult day-to-night moving timelapse can be easily mastered. Through this system, the art of time passing can be controlled, and new users can become timelapse masters.

*The timelapse trigger can only be adapted for use with Micro 2 series motorised rail slider*

With a built-in polymer lithium battery, the battery life in continuous operation is up to 14 hours.

It can also be powered by a rechargeable battery at the same time, easily coping with the extreme environmental conditions of timelapse photography such as star lapse, galaxy, sunrise, and moonset.

The timelapse trigger is equipped with an extended cold shoe port, which can fix microphones, flashlights, and other equipment according to different shooting scenes, and fully meets the requirements of various equipment.


The rail slider is controlled by the camera in Camera mode, and the rail slider and timelapse trigger are connected through mobile phone Bluetooth (App) at the same time. The transmission distance is up to 15m, achieving response without delay, which is stable and reliable; A signal multiplexing system is designed to ensure that the timelapse trigger is still on standby for the next command at any time when unexpected situations occur such as camera signal missing, so as to maintain the normal operation of the entire system;

* When using Bluetooth connection, avoid leaving the mobile phone 15m away from the timelapse trigger, and avoid the presence of large obstacles between the mobile phone and the timelapse trigger, so as not to cause signal disconnection or occlusion and affect shooting;

* If the signal is interrupted when the mobile phone got away, the camera is still shooting, and the rail slider stops running due to signal interruption, you need to press the camera's shooting button again to enable the camera to start its own timelapse photography function, so as to ensure that the device completes the original set motion path.


The camera is controlled by the rail slider in the mode of Intelligent Timelapse and Custom Timelapse, and the camera can be directly connected to the timelapse trigger through the shutter cable instead of connecting the rail slider. Therefore, the situation of the shutter cable pulling caused by the moving of the rail slider is effectively avoided, there is no need to worry about the influence of the shaking of the equipment on the shooting effect, and the shooting process is more flexible.


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