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Rodenstock 62mm Digital Vario Grey Filter "EXTENDED"

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Details for Rodenstock 62mm Digital Vario Grey Filter "EXTENDED"

Neutral grey or neutral density filters for variably reducing high brightness, extending exposure time and intentionally reducing the depth of field.

Especially suitable as a fader for video shots with DSLR, mirrorless camera or camcorder, if with open aperture (shallow depth of field) a specified shutter speed/frames per second rate (fps) is required.

New version with extended and utilizable density range for color photography from 1.2 to 6 aperture increments for 2.3x to 64x exposure time increase with unaltered neutral color balance and without cruciform shading.

With conventional variable neutral density filters an attenuation of more than 5 stops (increase of exposure time above 32x) can result in a blue-violet color cast. An attenuation of approx. 7 stops (increase of exposure time above 128x) can produce cruciform shadings when a wide-angle lens is used.

Rotating the front ring (ranging from +1.2 to "Max") reduces incidental light by 1.2 to 9 aperture increments. No vignetting with lenses of approx. 28 mm focal length and higher referred to full-frame. (APS-C approx 19 mm, mFT approx. 14 mm)

Flat wide-angle-suitable slimline metal mount. Reduced outer diameter allowing trouble-free mounting of bayonet lens hoods to the lens when filter is attached.

Premium optical glass with perfect surface quality and matt finishing at glass edges to prevent stray light effects. Highly scratch-resistant. Neutral-tint. Supplied in filter box.

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