Kase Wolverine 100mm Double Grad 0.9 Filters (Reverse + Medium 3 stop)

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Details for Kase Wolverine 100mm Double Grad 0.9 Filters (Reverse + Medium 3 stop)

The Kase Double Graduated filters are the perfect companion when you want choice but you don¡¯t want to carry extra filters. These new innovative filters combine 2 types of graduated neutral density filter in to one compact and affordable package.

In the box:

Combo 0.9 Reverse GND / 0.9 Medium GND filter

Leather filter pouch

Reverse graduated filters are best used around sunrise and sunset when the sun is low on the horizon so the brightest part of the scene is in the middle of the composition. A medium graduated filter is a versatile filter for scenes where the sky is much brighter than the foreground.

Wolverine Key Features

Toughened Pro HD Optical Glass

No Discernible Colour Cast

Scratch Resistant

Metallic Nano Coatings

Water and Dust/Dirt Repellent

Easy Clean

The Kase Wolverine series filters are ranked as some of the best optically by independent reviews and their toughened glass construction adds extra durability and peace of mind. Kase Wolverine filters are not indestructible but are rated to be tougher than standard glass filters, withstanding an occasional accidental drop allowing you to keep shooting great images. With no discernible colour cast, you will be able to capture true colours and the optical quality of the glass will give you great sharpness. The special metallic nano electro-coated glass makes Kase Wolverine filters scratch resistant, water repellent, anti-reflective and very easy to clean.

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