Kase Wolverine Dream Star Square Filter 100*100*2mm

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Details for Kase Wolverine Dream Star Square Filter 100*100*2mm

The Kase K100 Dream Star Filter is a new addition to Kase's night filters allowing you to create dreamy star images by enhancing the brightest stars in the sky. As with all Kase filters in the Wolverine series this is a high-quality Pro-glass filter that is virtually indestructible and easy to clean.

It slots into the K9 or K8 100mm holder like any other neutral density filter but is also compatible with any 100mm system. You can also pair with the Kase Neutral Night Filter to reduce light pollution in your night shots.


Soft glow effect

Enhance the colour and size of the brightest stars

Size 100 x 100 mm x 2 piece

Thickness: 2 mm



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