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Safe. Slim. Portable The ultra-portable HV620S packs up to 2TB of external storage in a drive that's only 11.5mm thick. The design shines with a mirror-like gloss that is simple but elegant. Dependable, go-anywhere storage that runs via fast USB 3.1. For all your content and with nearly universal device compatibility, the HV620S embodies smart design that increases capacity and performance while reducing physical space requirements.

Ultra Slimmer Design

The HV620S takes the proven performance and reliability of our existing 2.5" external hard drives and re-defines them. At only 11.5mm in profile, it's super-slim for sleek elegance and superior portability, fitting easily in any briefcase or backpack. From meeting rooms to treks in nature, the HV620S never gets in the way and always adds a touch of style to your storage.

Scratch Resistant Design

The raised edge of the device protects the surface of the unit when it is supported horizontally.

Elegant and Bright

The elegant and reflective lines, together with the smooth surface of the HV620S highlight its slim and elegant appearance. Ideal for those who wish to maintain an aura of professionalism or to boast of technical knowledge.

The LED indicator shows the transfer status

A bright blue LED lets you know if you are reading or writing data on the HV620S. This helps avoid disconnection during read / write operations.