SmallRig Universal Quick Release Mobile Phone Cage 4299

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Designed to fit most phones 2.5 to 3.4" wide and 0.6" thick, whether in or out of its case, the Universal Quick Release Mobile Phone Cage from SmallRig features twelve 1/4"-20 threaded holes and four cold shoe mounts, all of which can be used to attach accessories that include handles, mics, lights, and more. Also supported is SmallRig's quick release ecosystem, which provides users with a more convenient way to attach and remove the side handle. If you're shooting from a stationary position, your phone can be secured using MagSafe, although a locking quick release mechanism will hold your phone in place while shooting dynamic action sequences. So that users may maintain a center position for their phone without obstructing its controls, the cage's clamping mechanism allows for lateral adjustments.


Android smartphones may not be secured using MagSafe and must use the locking quick-release mechanism.

Eliminate Tedious Tasks and Focus On Igniting Your Creativity

SmallRig's advanced quick release mounting mechanism is compatible with their latest quick release handles and other brand's handles featuring 1/4"-20 threads. The quick release adapter for the side handle is launching simultaneously.

Magnetically Attach and Instantly Shoot

Supports Apple MagSafe for static shooting. Android phones will need to use the phone clamp.

One-Click Locking to Ensure Steady Control

The locking quick release mechanism guarantees a stable, secure hold on the phone during dynamic action sequences. It is compatible with phones 2.5 to 3.4" wide.

Explore the Latest Upgrades and Awaken Your Creative Spirit

The improved design masterfully combines sleek, modern metal finishes with timeless, geometric elegance.

Wide Adaptation, Effortless Control

The clamping mechanism enables lateral adjustments to keep your phone centered without obstructing its controls and buttons. It is compatible with most smartphones, including the HUAWEI Mate 60 series, Xiaomi 13 Ultra series, vivo X 90 series, OPPO Find X6 series, Galaxy S23 series, iPhone 15 Pro series, and more.

Think Outside the Cage Unlock Potential

Equip your phone with external microphones, lights, side and top handles, along with other accessories. Simultaneously elevate your mobile filmmaking to cinematic excellence.

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