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Godox LD500C Light The LED500C is rated for output up to 2900 lux at 3.3' and 4200K, drawing a maximum of 32W of power during use. Used for support is a yoke with a standard light stand receiver and locking knob, and the design also incorporates a built-in filter slot for easy light manipulation. For powering the panel, an AC adapter is included for connecting to a wall socket, while those looking to take the light outdoors can run it on two optional Sony L-series batteries.

Portable LED panel outputs up to 32W of power, rated for 2900 lux at 3.3' and 4200K

Bi-color with a range from 3300K to 5600K, so you can match it to both daylight and tungsten light sources

Brightness can be dimmed from 10 to 100% when set to either 3300K or 5600K, and from 25 to 100% throughout the rest of the range

On-board control via dial and two buttons, with an LCD screen for viewing settings

Yoke is compatible with most light stands and offers tightening knob for a secure fit

Built-in filter slot for use with included diffusion filter

AC adapter included for wired use with a power outlet

Battery plate accepts two optional Sony L-series batteries, ideal for portable operation.

Godox 302 Light Stand

Specifically designed for its purpose, the 3' Compact Background Stand from Studio Essentials is easily hidden behind a product or portrait subject. The stand rises to a maximum height of 36", has a minimum working height of 17.5" and folds down to 17.25" in length. Constructed from aluminum, the stand has a wide 20" footprint for stability and can support gear weighing up to 5 lb mounted on its 5/8" top stud.

Godox CB-08 LED Light Bag

The Godox CB-08 is a very spacious and sturdy bag suitable for Godox flash purchases. So spacious that in addition to space for the flash heads, there is also room for various accessories. This space can be completely adjusted to your wishes by moving the dividers, provided with velcro. Alternatively, it can be used to carry LED light panels.