Capture split-view shots at and below the water line using the aptly-named FiftyFifty Over/Under GoPro HERO5 Dome from Polar Pro. Designed specifically for the GoPro HERO5 Black, the FiftyFifty Dome fits over your camera without any additional housing. Made for surface-level shots, the housing is waterproof down to the HERO5's 33' rating. The dome-shape pushes water away from the lens, suiting it to over/under shots where half the frame is above the water's surface, and half is below. The FiftyFifty's dome is made using the same optics as Polar Pro's filters, resulting in a crystal-clear view. A neoprene cover is included for protecting the dome, as is a buoyant handle that will float the camera and dome when attached. Install your HERO5 quickly using the FiftyFifty Dome's snap-in latch design.


Fits the GoPro HERO5 Black without any additional housing

Create split shots half above, and half below the water surface

Optical quality lens produces crystal-clear shots

Quickly install your GoPro HERO5 using the dome's snap-in, latched design

Includes a floating handle, neoprene cover, and lanyard

Waterproof to the GoPro HERO5's rating of 33'

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