Tax Free


 Tax  Free Purchases from Photo Warehouse, We can now offer tax free sales on the following brands when leaving New Zealand through Auckland International Airport, minimum purchase is $500.00 but this can include a camera and eligible accessories.

We can now offer Tax free again on All flights to Australia from 19th April &  limited other  overseas Flights - please contact you local store for more information.  

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 If you are traveling overseas and departing the country through Auckland International Airport we can sell to you at the excluding GST prices as shown on this website. The goods are sent to Auckland airport for you to collect once you have cleared immigration.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much do I save?

  • All goods sold in NZ are subject to 15% GST, by buying tax free you don’t have to pay the GST. All products on our website show the including GST price and above it the excluding GST price, when buying tax free you pay the excluding GST price. There are no fee's , commissions or any other charges.  

Q. Can’t I just purchase a camera across the counter and claim the GST back at the airport when I leave?

  • Unfortunately not, while many countries allow you to do this New Zealand isn’t one of them.

Q. What warranties and backup support do I get with buying tax free from Photo Warehouse?

  • All camera gear sold by Photo Warehouse is sourced through the official factory appointed New Zealand distributors, you will get the full manufacturer’s warranty as offered in NZ with some brands having up to 3 years. You also have cover under the Consumer Guarantees Act. If you purchase overseas the warranty is generally valid for the country of purchase&you won’t have any protection or rights under the CGA if the product fails outside of warranty.

Q. How long before I travel do I need to make the purchase?

  • We have to arrange and courier the goods to the airport to be available for your flight so ideally at least 48 hours prior - if it’s less than that please call 09 3032148 and we will see if we can still get your product there in time.

Q. What happens if I get to the airport and my camera is not there?

  • This hasn’t happened to date, but in the event it did rest assured we will get the camera back from the airport and offer you a 100% refund.

Q. Can I purchase Tax Free online

  • We cant organise Tax Free online via our website just yet. We can still arrange it for you,  we need you to fill in this form ( click here ) and one of our team members will contact you to arrange it , We will need 2-3 business days to arrange so hopefully you're not flying tomorrow.    

 For all questions relating to NZ customs laws& Regulations around Tax free please follow this link to NZ customs website