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Zeapon Micro 3 M500 Manual Slider 59cm Running Length 12KG Payload

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Details for Zeapon Micro 3 M500 Manual Slider 59cm Running Length 12KG Payload

Micro3 is not just an evolution, its a re-V-olution! The new V-shaped track design is inspired by the popular car modification culture - Hellaflush. Just like those modified cars with negative camber and lowered suspension, the Micro3 slider has exterme low centre of gravity and the ability to handle very high payload. Videographer does not have to just rely on the app to set the AB points. The track’s damping level is no longer fixed. The manual and motorized versions are easily interchangle. The redesigned triple support system allows the Micro3 to handle any shooting condition. No matter you want to shoot on a desktop, on a tripod, from the ground, mount it upside down, or even mount it on a car or vertically. Your creativity will not be limited by the Micro3. As videography is put more efforts on the motion of the camera angle and movement, and we are becoming logical more when choosing our camera equipment, the brand new Zeapon Micro3 is the new definition of best camera slider!

Hellaflush Design, 4 KG Payload

Inspired by the design of Hellaflush car modification, Micro3 uses a new 45-degree angled track design. It disperse weight to both vertical and horizontal direction, resulting in a stable platform with amazing 4 kg payload limit in any direction and the horizontal load is up to 12 kg.

Vacuum Adjustable Damping

The Fluid Damping technology of the Zeapon Micro Series allows videographers to create extremely smooth and consistent camera movements. With the Micro3, we introduce the latest “Vacuum Adjustable Damping”technology. The vacuum structure combined with special damping grease not only provides a solid damping smoothness, but also allows stepless adjustment of the slider movement resistance. The damping setting can be adjusted between 1 and 5. The higher the number, the higher the resistance. The videographer can choose the setting that is most suitable to his usage and shooting style. The Adjustable Damping technology also solves the problem of high resistance caused by extreme low temperature.

Fast Switching Without Replacement of Belt

Micro3 features a different non-carrying design than before, the slider rail and motor are independent and driven by a high-strength stainless steel Arri gear. The motor can be integrated and removed easily by using the quick release screws. It’s effortless to switch between a manual and motorised slider to handle different shooting conditions. By removing the motor, the size of the slider can also be minimised which allows you to carry it easily when traveling

Triple Support System

The Zeapon Micro3 has a brand new triple support system. The stress point of the tripod support rods has been shifted from the center of the slider to the support components at both ends where standard 1/4" and 3/8" screw ports are added as well, The new design not only brings greater stability when running on flat surfaces, it also allows you to maximise your creativity! You can have the Zeapon Micro3 mounted upside down or you can mount the Micro3 on a car easily. The entire Micro3 Series sliders come with tripod support rods, no need to purchase them separately. Micro3 1000 series doubled the amount of load bearing wheels from two sets to four sets and you do not need to do any height adjustment. Combining it with the Hellaflush angled design, the height of the slider won’t change even when the slider travels to the extreme end position.

All-round Belt

The Zeapon Micro3 comes with many improvements and upgrade that addressed every single area. The belt lock uses a large-diameter mechanical knob, no need to worry about damaging the belt or triggering it by accident. As the belt could be loosen slight after long period of time, the belt now has a new elasticated design. Furthermore, the metal joints at both ends are eliminated permanently, thus in addition to the official accessories, users can purchase standard belts and install by themselves, economical and user friendly.

Nesting Screw With Hidden Design

ZEAPON's unique nesting screw is compatible with both 1/4 and 3/8 inch standard. When you don't need to use the screw, or when you want to put the device into a camera bag when packing up, you just need to press the screw and rotate it slightly, then the screw can be fully hidden to avoid scratching other devices and camera bags.

Large Mounting Base

The mounting base of Micro3 is approximately three times the size of the previous generation, it significantly increased the contact surface and allows your camera to be installed more securely and improves the stability.

Stainless Load Bearing Parts

The load bearing rails and wheels of Micro3 are both made with stainless steel, robust and wear-resistant, can withstand any damage from moisture and sand in extreme environments.

Direct Power Supply

When your battery runs out of power, or you need extreme long shooting time, you could power the Micro3 using either a power bank or a power adapter with 5V and 2A standard.

Powerful Weapon of Macro Photography

The extremely smooth of the Micro3 will fearlessly amplify the probe lens against jitter. Double distance slide can hide itself extremely well, so that the equipment is not easy to out of camera wear.

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