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Lab Processing & Services

Lab Processing & Services

Film Processing

We still offer a full range of  in House Film Processing  services.

C41    110, 126, 35mm&120mm
E6      35mm&120mm  Sleeved
E6      35mm process and  mount

Printing from Negatives, 110 , 126,  35mm&120 film formats.
Scanning  services from the above film formats plus we also scan from prints.
Batch scanning  option available for prints

 Note :  Not all services are available in all branches so turnaround  times may vary due to courier / freight timetables. Please discuss turn-around times with your local branch.  



no image available
Reprint / Neg / slide 6x4 Product Code. 114494
no image available
Reprint / Neg / Slide / 5x7 Product Code. 114502
CD - with Develop and Print
CD - with Develop and Print Product Code. 1011894
no image available
35mm D&P 6x4 inch 36exp Product Code. 114554
no image available
35mm Film D&P 24exp extra set Product Code. 114548
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